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HeartsafeLiving recruits and facilitates volunteers and AEDs for resuscitation within 6 minutes! Find out more about volunteers and AEDs.

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Together we provide help to people in emergency situations. Read more about the stories of our volunteers at HeartsafeLiving, people who immediately respond in a call for assistance.

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The story of …

From youth soccer player Jeroen to the 80-year-old Mr. Ten Broeke, they both had a cardiac arrest, but thanks to HeartsafeLiving they are still alive. Survivors tell their story.



From heart specialists – cardiologists – to other professionals, they all strongly support neighborly assistance. The help of volunteers for resuscitation is essential to realize a 6 minute zone throughout the Netherlands. Paramedics, the director of the Dutch Heart Foundation and cardiologists, all see the importance of citizens as first responders to a cardiac arrest.


HeartsafeLiving App

The HeartsafeLiving App alerts neighborly assistants quick and efficient. They immediately know where they have to be and what they need to do. The app takes immediately in account the location of the volunteer and gives all necessary information, concise and clear.


Resuscitation Game

Help! A man lies unconscious on the road. As a volunteer at HeartsafeLiving you go as fast as possible to the victim. You forget to pay attention to the traffic. Ouch, a car from the left. Game over!


Data & Scientifically research

HeartsafeLiving does a lot of scientifically research in the field of resuscitation and the acquired data over the years. Therewith the system has been validated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At HeartsafeLiving we get many questions from our volunteers. And of course we are happy to answer. Some questions we get asked often. Therefore you can find below some of the most frequently asked questions and answers on it.

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Heartsafe Living News

News and news archive from and about HeartsafeLiving in the Netherlands: including CPR, volunteers, neighborly assistance and AEDs.

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