Terms & Conditions of HeartsafeLiving


Before you sign up at HeartsafeLiving, you must agree to the terms and conditions. Please read the following conditions carefully, print it out and keep it. With the acceptance of these conditions, you give permission to HeartsafeLiving for the use of your data. Do you have questions about these terms or you would like additional information, please contact HeartsafeLiving.


HeartsafeLiving is an alert system whereby neighborly assistants can be employed voluntary when a fellow citizen has a sudden cardiac arrest in the nearby living or working environments. The system can alert the volunteer via a text message or notification via the App and ask to give neighborly assistance, if the personal circumstance allows this. This alert is fully automatic and will start from the dispatch center Ambulance via a call to 911. The alert may occur both day and night, and at Sundays and public holidays.

Acute care

The average travel time of an ambulance to resuscitation is on average 10 minutes and allowed by law even up to 15 minutes in the Netherlands. For a patient with a sudden cardiac arrest, this is far too long. This voluntary alert system can bridge this precious time and can prevent the death of a citizen in many cases. Simply performing CPR can double the survival rate of a citizen with a cardiac arrest. The quick use of a defibrillator (AED) by an alerted volunteer, can save the life of citizen in cardiac arrest even in almost 40% of acute care.

Sign up

  • HeartsafeLiving reserves the right to check your data you have given at registration. Your personal data will by HeartsafeLiving be used for the purpose you turn into a life threatening situation, to keep you informed about the progress and developments of HeartsafeLiving and approach you for checking your personal information. Your specified certificate number or diploma number will be tested at the training institute that you specify. Your data will not be provided to third parties;
  • If your data are found to be correct after verification, you will receive an email. It displays your user name and login code to log on to www.hartveiligwonen.nl. From then you are registered as a voluntary neighborly assistant and you can receive an alert, by text message or via the HeartsafeLiving App;
  • Please check your data when you log in at www.hartveiligwonen.nl. If you do not check your data, HeartsafeLiving reserves themselves to remove your data from the file after you have been approached repeatedly. Your personal information is protected by your password. With your personal password you can change or delete your data;
  • If you sign up as a volunteer and you live / work not in a (safety) area of jurisdiction with who HeartsafeLiving doesn’t have a cooperation agreement with the dispatch center Ambulance, you will receive a message. HeartsafeLiving will keep your subscription, and when HeartsafeLiving is active in your area, we will contact you;


  • You will only be alerted if you live and / or work in a (safety) area of jurisdiction with who HeartsafeLiving has a cooperation agreement with the dispatch center Ambulance;
  • When you have signed up as a volunteer, you can be alerted for 24-hours a day, 7 days a week via SMS. If you prefer not to be alarmed on Sundays and holidays, please indicate this to your application;
  • HeartsafeLiving is a voluntary system. You always keep the right yourself to grant acute care or not;
  • If due to personal circumstances, such as when you are not in the immediate area, you can not leave your house, you have been drinking alcohol or for any other reason you are unable to assist, you do not respond to the alert. We always alert several volunteers at the same time. In this way the chances are that there is always anyone in a position to perform assistance;
  • If you are alerted and on your way to the incident you keep in mind the traffic and privacy regulations that apply to your country. You must assure that you will not cause dangerous situations yourself. For reasons of security you don’t use your car on your way to an alert. The relevant address and the AED are situated so close that to move on foot or bicycle is the most safe and fast way;

Knowledge volunteers

Without any knowledge, it is not possible to take part in HeartsafeLiving. Therefore, the following applies:

  • You have an accredited CPR / AED training course and you communicate to HeartsafeLiving at what training institute you have followed the approved training;
  • If you haven’t followed an approved CPR / AED training you are willing to follow one. Your registration will be accepted by HeartsafeLiving, but you will actually alerted when you are educated successful. More information about a training will be provided by HeartsafeLiving;


Your participating municipality has a liability insurance for volunteers at HeartsafeLiving. At the time of your assistance, you are always insured.

If you have any questions or complaints, please contact HeartsafeLiving by info@hartveiligwonen.nl or 0900-32125 80.
I understand the complete text and agree to the terms and conditions.