HeartsafeLiving App improves possibilities of alerting

The HeartsafeLiving App alerts neighborly assistants quick and efficient. They immediately know where they have to be and what they need to do. The app takes immediately in account the location of the volunteer and gives all necessary information, concise and clear.

Thanks to the GPS function of the app volunteers are on call wherever they are. Though, the living and working environment has the first priority. Volunteers who are always available, wherever they are, increase the likelihood of a quick resuscitation properly.


Alerting with the HeartsafeLiving App

  • Someone gets a cardiac arrest
  • All volunteers in the neighborhood receive a notification with a recognizable sound on the smartphone
  • There are two types of alerts: ‘go directly to the victim’ or ‘get an AED’
  • Each recipient is requested to answer every alert with ‘I’m going’ or ‘I’m not going’
  • Available volunteers get the exact location – with map and directions – from the incident or the location of the AED
  • For the assistance volunteers can use a CPR instruction

Number of volunteers


Per emergency call there is a limited number of volunteers needed who offer help. The system identifies the comments. When there are enough the volunteers who sign afterwards get a message that there are already enough volunteers available. This prevents too many volunteers on the spot to come.



Anyone can easily change its availability in the app. Only a few hours not available or on a vacation for a few weeks? It is easy to indicate this in the app. The alerting will take that into account.



You can download the HeartsafeLiving App for free in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The app is available for iPhone, iPad and many popular Android smartphones and tablets. The app is not yet available for Blackberry and Windows Devices.


Settings of the HeartsafeLiving App

To have the HeartsafeLiving App work smoothly, some settings need to be correct on the smartphone:

  • The GPS function has to be turned on
  • A working Wifi, 3G or 4G connection is required

The app also works only in areas where HeartsafeLiving operates. There are cases that reports came in without audible while the sound in the app was on. It may be that in the settings of the phone something should be changed. How it works varies by brand and type of smartphone. But in general you need it is in the main menu ‘Settings’ under ‘messages’. There the button sound should be ‘on’.


For problems with the app

When the app gives problems, remove it from the device and download it again for free in the app store. Set the device and the app and make sure that the use of GPS is allowed. For problems with an iPhone or iPad the installation of the latest version of iOS also might help. And whether the alert happens with the app or by text message, the volunteer always decides to respond or not respond to an alert.

Download the app

The HeartsafeLiving app is available on Android and iOS. Download it now from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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