How does HeartsafeLiving work?


In the event of a cardiac arrest every minute counts and rapid response is absolutely a matter of life and death. HeartsafeLiving is an alert system that enables volunteers to provide quick and efficient lifesaving help, until the ambulance arrives. If volunteers can use an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), the survival rate is even bigger. The device gives the victim if necessary an electric shock that can restore circulation. Below is a brief description of the method.

1. Alerting 112

In case a cardiac arrest occurs, bystanders call immediately the emergency number 112. The dispatch center alerts the ambulance care to go the victim. Moreover, the dispatcher attempts to estimate whether there is a sudden cardiac arrest. In case of a cardiac arrest volunteers will automatically receive a notification of HeartsafeLiving. In some cases the police or the fire department get a notification too.

2. Alerting HSL volunteers as responders

When a sudden cardiac arrest is suspected the dispatch center sends an alert message via text message or the HeartsafeLiving App to all the volunteers who currently are closest to the victim. They are called to go directly to the victim to perform CPR.

3. Alerting HSL volunteers as AED operators

HSL volunteers who are a little further away, get a message to go to an AED as soon as possible and take it to the victim. Once an AED is on the spot, the device will be connected to get the victim’s heart rhythm well.

4. HSL volunteers respond

Alerted HSL volunteers report directly via a reply to the text message or app whether they are able to respond to the call. Via the app they also receive a route description to the victum. When enough volunteers have accepted the notification, the other volunteers receive a message that they don’t have to go, because sufficient assistance is available.

5. Provide help

An agreed maximum number of HSL volunteers provide assistance to the victim, with or without an AED. They keep this up until the ambulance arrives and professionals take over.