Volunteer Jordy de Groot: ‘It felt like I sank into the ground’


Jordy de Groot responded to a call from HeartsafeLiving. He resuscitated the victim, a woman. He soon heard that the victim was deceased nevertheless. “When I got out of the ambulance, I felt like I sank into the ground,” he says. Jordy tells his story.


It was Friday night, finally weekend and done with school. I was together with my girlfriend watching Cops Maastricht in bed, when my phone rang. And hers. I was shocked because it kept trembling. My girlfriend said at the same: “HeartsafeLiving. I quickly jumped up and looked at my phone where I had to be. Then we ran down quickly, putted my shoes on and went to the incident by bike. Within four minutes we were there.


A man stood in a doorway and I asked where it was. This man pointed to his neighbours. I knocked and soon the door opened. Inside was a woman and someone already started CPR. I introduced myself and took over the CPR quickly. Then everything went very fast. Within a few minutes the room was full of policemen.


The sofa and the table that stood in the way, went to the side and ambulance staff and a cop exchanged to me quickly. After I looked around me, I walked toward the front door. The street that was empty a few minutes earlier, was completely filled with police cars, ambulances, bystanders and volunteers of HeartsafeLiving. I stood in that group, my girlfriend gave me a hug and I started talking about how it went. The police came to take a look. To them I told my story.”


I was in the ambulance to clean my hands, because I had resuscitated without gloves. While I rubbed my hands with soap the ambulance nurse had a telephone conversation with the doctor. The doctor said that the victim was deceased, which was really a shock to me. When I got out of the ambulance, it felt like I sank into the ground. There were tears. Fortunately, I was immediately absorbed by other volunteers of HeartsafeLiving and I got a glass of water at the neighbours. Once outside, I left.

Victim support

In the questionnaire of HeartsafeLiving I said to have a hard time with it. Therefore I got victim support. I am pleased with these conversations, because after such an incident I really needed that help. Now I make it well and I still commit with a lot of love for people who need my help in an emergency. I hope that more people sign up as a volunteer. Because then we can help people who need it very hard.