Khalid Boulahrouz lost a teammate to a cardiac arrest

Feyenoord defender Khalid Boulahrouz lost his teammate Antonio Puerta to a cardiac arrest in the Spanish Sevilla in 2007. This left a deep impression. Therefore he supports Hand in Hand for Life wholeheartedly. “Certain things in life are more important than three points in a football game,” he says. “It can happen to anyone. Yourself, your loved ones or people around you.”

Resuscitation Training

When it happened with Antonio, I asked myself the question: what do I do if someone falls down in front of me? I couldn’t answer that question, unfortunately,” says Boulahrouz. That’s why he supports Feyenoord and the Dutch Heart Foundation to call on as many people as possible to take a CPR training.

Top athlete

When Puerta suddenly collapsed during a game, the newly arrived Boulahrouz from England was on the tribune: “Antonio appeared to have problems more often, which I did not know at that time. I didn’t know his history. Some teammates played a long time with him. When four days after that game the news came that he passed away, those guys could not be comforted. It was dramatic. Emotions, tears, silence. You wake up with it and you take it to bed. And you begin to wonder if your heart can handle the heavy load of a top athlete.

Important to know CPR

It’s extremely important to have CPR knowledge, with it you can save lives,” says Boulahrouz. “I think it’s fantastic that Feyenoord is doing this.