HeartsafeLiving sponsors sloop Benwyvis


HeartsafeLiving is together with AED importer Medizon, sponsor of the sloop Benwyvis, that participates throughout the Netherlands in competitions for the Dutch championships each year. The eight women and a cox of the Benwyvis participate in the National Championships and the 32-kilometer Harlingen-Terschelling sloop race.


The Benwyvis has to keep a good reputation. The team was Dutch champion around the Whaler lifeboat in 2010. In Harlingen-Terschelling is Benwyvis titleholder. Indeed, the Benwyvis won this prestigious race in which about 120 boats participate in the last six times, an absolutely unique achievement in the 40-year history of this race.

Queen’s Race

The Harlingen-Terschelling sloop race, also called Queen’s Race and popularly called ‘HT Race’ is the toughest and most discussed sloop race of the Netherlands. This is because the long race is sailed on salt and often turbulent waters with strong currents. For people from Terschelling the prestige is enormous. Winning the ‘HT Race’ means more than gold at the Dutch Championships. People from Terschelling have been done Sloop Rowing for hundreds of years, first in lifeboats to rescue people stranded ships, and now as a sport.


The sloop Benwyvis comes from a large merchant ship called the Benwyvis. That ship in turn was named after a mountain in Scotland. Around 1930 the ship sank during a heavy storm in the north of Terschelling.


Marcus Flipsen, director of Medizon is familiar with rowing on Terschelling. Through this business relationship HeartsafeLiving has been involved in Benwyvis for many years as a sponsor. The name HeartsafeLiving shines in large format on the ship, which occupies a prominent place in the port of Terschelling which is frequently visited by tourists. This has several advantages for HeartsafeLiving: work on brand awareness and contribute to the beautiful rowing, which is good for the heart and blood vessels. And last but not least, Terschelling is member of HeartsafeLiving.