Menzis and HeartsafeLiving join forces


Menzis and HeartsafeLiving recently started working close together. The health insurance develops facilities for volunteers at HeartsafeLiving. They also benefit additionally from the savings program Menzis TogetherHealthy. HeartsafeLiving takes the participation of Menzis serious. Because collaboration gives strength.

Life force

Menzis represents life force. And that is very personal, each human gives healthy and delicious live a very personal interpretation. One will run the marathon, the other looks very consciously for the best balance between work and home or focuses on healthy eating and drinking. Whatever you do, life force you don’t have alone, you have it together. Neighbourly assistance is care for each other. And that is real life force.


We want to keep care close to everyone,” says manager Mathijs Versteeg of Menzis. “The credo with each other, by each other, for each other of HeartsafeLiving may just hit Menzis as well, that is why we fit well together. Volunteers at HeartsafeLiving are people who provide free care to people in their area who need help desperately. We feel great about that.

Care nearby

At HeartsafeLiving many thousands of volunteers are registered. And it is precisely that large number, what makes the organization so strong. Versteeg: “Unfortunately we can not change our offer in facilities personally to anyone. But for large groups as volunteers at HeartsafeLiving we develop facilities. And the more volunteers of HeartsafeLiving are insured with us, the more we can do. And that from a larger, shared interest: with care nearby we want to support as many people.


Menzis is a non-profit cooperative insurer and without shareholders. The highest organ within Menzis is the Members’ Council, which is composed only of members of Menzis. The Members’ Council has an important voice in many of the decisions which represents all insured persons. And if money is left in a given year, Menzis invest it in health care and the affordability of the premium.

Everyone the same

Every human is special. Therefore Menzis has no medical selection. Menzis accepts everybody, both in basic and in the supplementary policies. The premium Menzis is the same for everyone, every person is welcome under the same conditions, regardless of age or health. And medical problems from the past or present are at Menzis no reason for exclusion.

Menzis TogetherHealthy

Menzis TogetherHealthy is a savings program with what Menzis want to encourage insured people to live healthier. Participants earn points, for example by subscribing as an organ donor or sign up as volunteer at HeartsafeLiving. Menzis also rewards loyal customers with extra points per year insured. Participants can spend these points in a shop of interesting discounts, cool products in the field of health or as donation to a charity.


Manager Aart Bosmans of HeartsafeLiving welcomes the cooperation with Menzis. “Participation of health insurances is very important,” he says. “Collaboration gives strength. And our volunteers benefit from it. Just take the resuscitation training, both the beginners course and the refresher training. For anyone with an additional Extra Care insurance. Menzis pays the cost of the course.”