New HeartsafeLiving App launched

There is a new iOS app for iPhone and iPad available. Here a number of problems have been solved which volunteers have experienced. Within weeks, also a new version for Android will follow. At the moment we are testing this one with volunteers.

There are some things improved considerably:

  • App starts up quickly;
  • Double errors are removed;
  • Screen size remains stable and the menu remains in place;
  • The ‘Login’ screen empties now only the login data when an incorrect login attempt;
  • The ‘News’ screen is not open when you go to a different screen while loading a news message.

The HeartsafeLiving App

With the HeartsafeLiving app you can participate in organized neighborly assistance, which can reduce the mortality rate from sudden cardiac arrests. Volunteers with the app will automatically receive a notification by using the HeartsafeLiving app. The notification contains information about the location of the victim and/or the nearest AED (Automated External Defibrillator). The app traces your location via GPS and can therefore alert you outside your home or office environment. Through the app, you also get route descriptions, so you can perform resuscitation also in unfamiliar places.

Tip of a volunteer

One of the volunteers, Joost Cremers, gave us the following tip: “You need to log in again otherwise the app is not working. The iPhone automatically performs the update and you do not notice that you have logged out.”