Resuscitation Game, I do and I understand

Help! A man lies unconscious on the road. As a volunteer at HeartsafeLiving you go as fast as possible to the victim. You forget to pay attention to the traffic. Ouch, a car from the left. Game over!

Play the game!

Welcome to the virtual world of the resuscitation game on the iPad. Fortunately, otherwise there had already been two unfortunate victims by now. With game elements the resuscitation game teaches you knowledge and and acts. You learn playfully appropriate protocols and actions in a resuscitation.


Resuscitation game


Save within six minutes a patient who is unconscious on the road. The effect of each action is directly visible during the game. You will be trained in:

  • Taking the fastest route to the patient faultless
  • Know what is wrong with the patient, including checking of vital functions.
  • Perform the right actions in the right order
  • Deal with dangerous situations for the patient and yourself
  • Watch dangerous situations for both the patient and yourself
  • Know what you need to know if you call 112, including what happened, where it happened and what is wrong with the victim
  • Resuscitation itself, particularly including rescue breathing, heart massage, connecting and using the AED and emergency transportation grip of Rautek

Benefits of the Resuscitation game

  • You learn faster
  • You learn more easily
  • You learn very effective
  • Serious gaming is fun and challenging
  • Teachers can easily see in which areas students lag

Serious gaming

‘I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.’ The wise words of philosopher Confucius are the basic idea behind serious gaming. Students remember the theoretical curriculum better and longer. The CPR course on the iPad looks like a game, but is very serious and is the most effective method to learn to command the theory of the resuscitation.

Download the Resuscitation game for the iPad for free in the Apple iTunes store.

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