Subscribe your AED for public use!


To create a 6 minutes zone, many AEDs are required. These AEDs need to be available 24/7 for public use. Do you have an AED or your company or club and you want to make it available for public use in your area? Subscribe it at HeartsafeLiving.

Save people’s lives

Everywhere in the Netherlands within six minutes help to anyone who gets a cardiac arrest. That is the goal of HeartsafeLiving just like the Dutch Heart Foundation. This requires many AEDs. To achieve this as soon as possible, we appeal to anyone who has an AED: make it available for general use. Because you save people’s lives with it!

Every AED

Many organizations, institutions, associations or individuals are in possession of an AED. You can subscribe every AED that is permanent on a certain place. Each volunteer of HeartsafeLiving can use this device when someone nearby gets a cardiac arrest.

Subscribe your AED

Do you want to subscribe your AED? Fill in your personal details below. Within about five days you get via email a login name and a password which what you can change via this website the details of your AED.

Subscribe an AED!